We Accept Bitcoin For All Hydroponic Supplies

With the recent surge of Bitcoin in the last few years, we thought it’d be wise to get ahead of the game and become one of the first online hydroponic stores to accept Bitcoin on all orders. As a consumer, you end up the winner! Bitcoin gives you an easy-to-use and discreet buying experience with minimal fees. For those of you that don’t know about Bitcoin, we’ll give you a brief overview of why you should be using it to make online purchases including for hydroponic goods. For those of you already in the know, we hope you choose us a source for hydroponic equipment using your payment technology of the future!


Brief Overview Of Bitcoin

Bitcoins were originally introduced in 2008 by a mysterious programmer known as Satoshi Nakamoto. There is some speculation that this individual doesn’t actually exist, and instead the name was coined by a group of programmers. Sounds sketchy? Well, the underlying code behind Bitcoin (BTC) was released as open-source software, which means the code behind BTC is available for all to view, review, and modify.

Each individual involved with BTC creates a wallet. This wallet is kept secret and gives the user the ability to store and make transactions with BTC. While there’s a history of all transactions made with each coin, it’s extremely difficult to link transactions with an actual person. Transactions are made by providing users an address to send coins to. Typically transactions take around 10 minutes to complete. This is about as simple an explanation that can be given without going into complicated technical detail.

Since it’s introduction, the price of a single Bitcoin has gone from pennies up to nearly $5k per coin at one point. There have been countless spinoffs from the original BTC, however BTC remains the leader in cryptocurrencies today.

Why Accept Bitcoin For Hydroponic Supplies And Equipment

With the revelation of the massive spying effort by the NSA, it behooves all users to take a reasonable amount of caution to protect their privacy while performing any internet activities. This is especially true when purchasing hydroponic equipment. While hydroponic supplies themselves aren’t in any way whatsoever illegal to obtain, there are plenty of ways to abuse hydroponic goods. For the law-abiding citizen, it makes absolutely no sense to potentially end up on a watch list for simply acquiring hydro goods. Fortunately Bitcoin offers a legal way to make purchases that help to maintain your right to privacy, a right alluded to in the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

That’s why we suggest buying hydroponic supplies with Bitcoin.


How To Acquire Bitcoin For Hydroponic Purchases

There are a variety of ways to acquire Bitcoin. The easiest would be to sign up for a popular online exchange such as Coinbase which explains the entire process of setting up a wallet, connecting your bank account, and purchasing cryptocurrency from the exchange. Other options include purchasing locally. Entrepreneurial spirits have taken to cash transactions via sites such as LocalBitcoins where you can arrange a meet up and make purchases in person. Keep in mind that you need to have a wallet already configured before using this method.


How To Use Bitcoin To Buy Hydroponic Equipment From Us

Fortunately, the payment process we utilize is seamless when accepting Bitcoin (and every other payment method we accept). Upon reaching the “Checkout” page, fill out all required Billing/Shipping details. Next simply select the “Credit Card” option from the payment dropdown and click “Continue To Payment” where you will be prompted for credit card details by a popup. Near the top of this popup is a tab labeled “Bitcoin”. Select this tab and you will be given the exact amount of BTCs necessary to fulfill your payment, along with a Bitcoin address to send the funds to through your wallet manually or by scanning the given QR code. That’s it! You’ve successfully made your payment.


We encourage anyone interested in more details regarding Bitcoin to check out the Official BTC Site. Besides being a fantastic tool in protecting your privacy, the technology behind cryptocurrencies is fascinating and, quite frankly, brilliant.


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